Spolumbos Chicken Apple 5.5 kg


Weight 12.00 lbs

Spolumbos Chicken Apple 5.5 kg

Frozen | 3/pkg | 12 x 1 lb


Spolumbos best sellers! Super Lean and High in protein: Fresh and clean skinless chicken thighs with a subtle sweet hint of apple. Great for kids and people with sensitive diets.

12 packages of 3 that arrive frozen for convenience. 

36 sausages that are lean and loaded with high protein content, it’s the athlete's choice!

Gluten-Free, no MSG’s, no binders or fillers make a great item on your grill!

Our Sausage is authentically Italian; it is mammas recipe. The menu possibilities are endless.

TF product code 800.013

Profit margin: 15.00%