24 AA New York Striploin Steaks


Weight 10.00 lbs

24 AA New York Striploin Steaks

Frozen | 24 x 6 oz | 10 lbs

Fresh and Locally Sourced! True New York Striploin! 

This steak is a TeamFund Favorite: we would be proud to serve it to anyone. 

The petite strip loin steak has a reputation for being a true menu favourite and is considered by many to be the most popular and versatile of all the steak classics.

24 FRESH 6 ounce restaurant-quality Alberta AA New York Strip steaks are ready to cook when the craving strikes. These tasty 6 oz steaks will satisfy you and your guests: you can easily top it with a peppercorn sauce, a wine reduction or add some shrimps and scallops with bearnaise sauce...You CAN cook a fancy meal right in the comfort of your home!

These steaks are grade AA New York Striploin steak from a boneless striploin and are ranked among the most tender steaks.

Each steak is packed individually and is fresh. You can easily freeze them. 

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Profit margin: 15.00%

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