36 Fresh GF All Beef Burgers


Weight 13.50 lbs

36 Fresh GF All Beef Burgers

Fresh | 4X170G/Unit, 9 Units/Case | 13.5 lbs

Fresh Made Burgers. Most purchased product. Everyone needs burgers in their freezers! 

A TeamFund favourite! You get 36 six ounces of Gluten-Free burger all-beef patties that contain only what you need for a great burger – Alberta Beef!! 

No fillers or binders, just 100% Alberta Ground Beef. These are juicy, bursting with flavour and perfect for a mid-week dinner to BBQ with your loved ones.

Fresh and made for your order on demand. Each burger is 6 ounces portioned by 4, then vacuum sealed to guarantee freshness. Ideal for a family gathering or BBQ with friends! 

We like to BBQ them with some steak spices. 

**Yes, you can cook frozen burgers. You might be surprised to know it's pretty easy to cook burgers from frozen, and you aren't losing much of the flavour either.

TF product code 800.005

Profit margin: 20.00%