32 Lean Bison Burgers


Weight 12.00 lbs

32 Lean Bison Burgers

Frozen | 32 x 6 oz | 12 lbs

Price Reduction! Locally sourced! Customer favourite!

Premium product oz Lean ground Bison burger balls. Restaurant quality and perfect for any recipe that you need to use ground bison in, or press them down on a grill, and you’ve got yourself a delicious burger patty! 

Made up of 80% lean ground bison and 20% lean ground beef with some seasoning to ensure you get a great-tasting burger.

Replace the bun with lettuce, and you've got yourself an amazing, tasty low-cal diner! 

Perfect for your next BBQ! 32 individually wrapped 6 oz. Burgers balls that you can form your perfect burger with.


TF product code 800.019

Profit margin: 20.00%

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